White and Red Necklace

N1011 necklace 2
The tiles on this necklace were made with a very simple bullseye cane. Sadly I didn’t take pictures while making it. Cover a white plug with a layer of red and then cover it in white. The resulting bullseye cane is reduced and cut into segments that are then put together to form another cane. I love the result, and I have used this cane to make lentil beads, tube beads as well as the tiles for this necklace.



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Textured plates/stamps and molds

making molds 2


I made a few stamps and texture plates out of polymer clay. I looked at several tutorials. This is one of the most helpful, but there are many more. You can find more in my pinterest board.

In the picture below you can see some of the elements I am making with the molds and textures. As of now they are still raw. I will post pictures of the finished products when I am done with them 🙂

making molds

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Faux Abalone

O1024 Abalone Wineglass

O1025 salt shaker

Covered with the faux abalone cane.

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Abalone Cane – 1st try

I followed this tutorial from Chryse.

I started with the following colors.

mg faux abolone 1

I cut strips of each color and stacked them together. I cut the stack into segments and then restacked them (see my post about mokume gane). I then distorted the stack with holes. All circular distortions to simulate abalone.

Here is what it looked like after reducing:

mg faux abolone 2

I reduced it some more and used a corrugated blade to get a little more ondulations.

mg faux abolone 3

I wasn’t very happy with the purple color in this cane. I would like the purple to be more blueish. Maybe mixing purple with navy blue will get me a color that goes better in this cane.

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Skinny Tiles Necklace

N1008 necklace

Yes, I admit it: I have a hard time coming up with the title of my blogs. Oh well, if you have a better title please leave a suggestion on the comments section 🙂

This necklace was handmade with polymer clay. I used the cane I showed on a previous post.

I started by rolling out a thick sheet of a solid color for the back of the tiles. Then I put the mokume gane sheets on top of it and smoothed it out I cut the tiles using a ruler for the top and bottom and a guide for the sides. Then I made a hole on the top of the tiles to put the wire through it (I just estimated the placement of the hole in each tile). Once the tiles were baked I covered them with varnish. The beads in between the tiles are glass beads. I used beading wire to string the necklace and a toggle clasp.

N1008 Necklace 2

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Recipes for a Color Palette

color combo

All the mixes were done with Premo!

I can’t wait to make something with these colors. Maybe a kaleidoscope cane…


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Mokume Gane Cane

This my first try at Mokume Gane. I looked at a couple of different tutorials and then went for it.

First thing was to pick the colors I wanted. I am not very good at that, but I picked colors that I like and that would go together ok. I still didn’t quite get the effect I wanted, but I don’t hate it.

These are the colors I used:

Recipes (all Premo!)

Teal = 2 Peacock + 1 Navy Blue

Mint = 4 Peacock + 1 NB + 16 Pearl

Lavender = 1 Purple Pearl + 3 Pearl

Dark Purple = 1 Alzarin Crimson + 2 Navy Blue + 1 White

18K gold

MG cane 1

I paired the colors dark to light and put the gold in the middle of the stack.

MG cane 2

I then cut the long strip into 3 and stacked them into one.

MG cane 3

I then used some tools to cut and punch holes into the block.

MG cane 7

The next step was to put the block back together.

MG cane 6

MG cane 8

I covered this wineglass with this mokume gane cane.

I think my layers need to be thinner.

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Flower Polymer Clay Pendant

P1014 pendant 2



P1014 pendant

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Wine glass covered with polymer clay

O1019 wine glass

Covered with a mokume gane cane. I wil post a blog entry of how I made the cane next.

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Polymer clay pendant

P1012 2 necklace pendant

This pendant is made with scrap clay. I liked the way the clay looked after rolling it, so I decided to make it a pendant. The cord is a dark brown faux leather.

P1012 necklace pendant

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